THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, Episode 4 | SenpaiME App, “291045”


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At the start of the fourth episode of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND, Norman hides two bags of rope around the house.


Sister Krone is meeting with Mom. Mom tells her to not trouble herself over who the culprits are; she is merely insurance for Mom.


Sister Krone explodes in anger in her room.


Norman votes for everyone to play tag in groups. This will help during their actual escape.



Ray gets mad at Emma for not being suspicious of everyone.


In order to out wit Mom, Norman decides that they must make their escape in ten days.


The three meet with Gilda and Don – the two that are suspected to be traitors. They tell Don and Gilda most of the facts that they know.


Ray angrily tells Norman that he should have told Don and Gilda that the shipments were being killed. Norman tells Ray that he told Don and Gilda different locations for his stashed rope, so he’ll be able to figure out who is the real traitor.


That night, Gilda suspiciously walks out of the room. Emma follows.


Someone slips Mom a letter telling her about one of the locations of the hidden rope.


Gilda meets with Sister Krone. Emma listens outside.


Gilda is innocent! Thank goodness!



Norman asks Ray why someone would betray their friends. Ray says they might if they were offered a guarantee of staying alive.


Alone, Norman asks Emma if she would try to save the traitor, too. Emma says that she would.


Norman and Ray check on the two spots where the rope was hidden in order to figure out who snitched to Mom.


The rope that was in the location that was told to Don is missing. He must be the traitor.


Wait! Norman says that Ray is the traitor!


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SenpaiME is the #1 dating app for Anime, Manga & Cosplay fans!! Available on iOS and Android. Find your Senpai!! ^.^

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