The Rising of the Shield Hero, Episode 7 | SenpaiME App, “The Savior of the Heavenly Fowl”


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At the start of the seventh episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo are transporting a shipment of herbicide to a nearby town.


The whole town has been outrun by vicious vines and plants that turn into monsters.


The village leaders beg Naofumi to save them.


It turns out that Kitamura had given the village a magical seed to solve their hunger issues. However, the seed created too powerful plants.


Naofumi’s shield skills allow him to destroy any plant that touches him.


Naofumi defeats the plant monsters and changes their seeds to produce beneficial produce.


Naofumi sells the extra produce and seeds to his trading friend, who requests Naofumi to deliver something to a hot spring village.



Raphtalia is jealous of Filo getting close to Naofumi.


Raphtalia and Filo both set out early in the morning to collect a rare egg and gem in the mountains to bring to Naofumi.


A boar attacks them!


Raphtalia and Filo find the nest, but the boar surprises them and destroys what they were looking for.



Although they were able to retrieve the rare gems and eggs, Raphtalia and Filo were able to trade the boar for money, which they used to buy a present for Naofumi.




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SenpaiME is the #1 dating app for Anime, Manga & Cosplay fans!! Available on iOS and Android. Find your Senpai!! ^.^

iOS Download:

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