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At the start of second episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, the mysterious slave master is showing Naofumi his slave collection, starting off with his most powerful option for sale.

But Naofumi’s heart is set on the demi-human that he saw at first. She is part raccoon, but due to her ruthless previous master, she is diseased and has a mental disorder 😦

Naofumi agrees to buy her. The slave master paints a spell on her, so she can never disobey or run away from Naofumi.

Naofumi notices that he now has party member settings.

Her name is Raphtalia, and she is very shy and scared.

Naofumi buys Raphtalia new amor, and trains her to be his offense.

If she doesn’t obeyed, the spell hurts her.

Naofumi takes Raphtalia to have lunch. Outside, there is sign saying that they don’t serve demi-humans. Naofumi barges in.

Naofumi is really kind to Raphtalia ^.^

Naofumi tells her that he’s the shield hero, and she remembers her parents telling her that the shield hero was also kind to their kind, demi-humans.

Raphtalia has nightmares of when beasts from the first wave killed her parents and destroyed her village.

Raphtalia really enjoys spending time with Naofumi.

A wild monster attacks Naofumi! He tells Raphtalia to attack it, but she’s afraid because it has blood.

Naofumi warns her that he’ll throw her away if she can’t be his offense.

The two go to a nearby town to sell their goods. They hear how there’s a lot of money to be made in the cave mountains.

Naofumi’s shield can be upgraded and transform!

They enter into the cave and start mining crystals.

Oh no! The same species of beast that killed Raphtalia’s parents appears! It attacks Naofumi.

Raphtalia is so scared and can’t move to help her master. Naofumi, realizing this, tells her to run and save herself.

She did it! Raphtalia conquered her fear and defeated the beast!

She never wants to leave Naofumi ^.^

SenpaiME Dating App

SenpaiME is the #1 dating app for Anime, Manga & Cosplay fans!! Available on iOS and Android. Find your Senpai!! ^.^

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